Qasimi - Fall Winter 2020 - London Fashion Week Men’s

QASIMI – Fall/Winter 2020 – London Fashion Week Men’s


The Fall/Winter 2020 collection was the last collection Khalid al Qasimi designed. He mapped out the mood board and collection plan before his death last summer. Adam Rice, head of design at QASIMI, since its launch, finished the collection based on Khalid’s vision. And Hoor Al Qasimi, twin sister of the late designer stepped in as creative director of the brand.

This season, QASIMI explores urban nomad feels. As a result, there are darker undertones at work, but where there is darkness, the universe ensures equilibrium; a ray of light, a sign of hope.

The colours of the collection are intensely rich earth tones (Persian plum, Arabica, scarab) and lifted by warming hues (myrrh, turmeric). These are in turn cooled down and cemented by grey, black and off-white (asphalt, obsidian, marble).

As opposed to previous seasons, the silhouette is decidedly closer to the body, marking an evolution in the nomad’s style. Relaxed tailoring has become ever so slightly cinched, softened by deep velvets evoking rich furnishings, whilst street elements have been refined using more elevated materials and considered detailing.

The notion of a nomad as part of a tribe is explored through crafted knits, whip-stitching and body-ornamented accessories; assembled from the possessions of a wandering traveller.