QASIMI - Spring-Summer 2021 - London Fashion Week

QASIMI – Spring/Summer 2021 – London Fashion Week


In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, when many fashion brands preferred to focus on lighter messages, filled with optimism and hope, the London-based label QASIMI continues its politically charged take on fashion.

Hoor Al-Qasimi who is now in charge of the label’s artistic direction, replacing her brother and founder of the brand who passed away in July last year, presented a collection filled with easygoing, desirable pieces imbued with subtle sociopolitical messages.

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Thus, through the lens of art, Al-Qasimi leads her own fight for People’s Rights, embroidering the words ‘’We, the People’’, in reference to the opening sentence of the preamble to the US Constitution, in Arabic across bomber jackets, hoodies and shirts.

Another priority for Al-Qasimi is to offer clothes that are easy to move in and can adapt into day-to-day life. She employed that sense of ease across the men’s and newly launched women’s line.

Some of the most striking pieces included a series of jacquard separates featuring original Al Sadu patterns, a weaving tradition of geometric patterns and symbols, hand-woven by the Bedouin people.