QASIMI Spring-Summer 2025 - London Fashion Week Men’s

QASIMI Spring/Summer 2025 – London Fashion Week Men’s

QASIMI Spring/Summer 2025 marked Hoor Al Qasimi's debut as Creative director, honoring the legacy of her late brother Khalid with a powerful collection that fused art, socio-political commentary and innovative design.
June 13, 2024

QASIMI Spring/Summer 2025 marked a return for the London-based label, as Hoor Al Qasimi presented her first runway show as Creative director, a role she assumed following the death of her brother Khalid in 2019. The collection, which was unveiled in East London’s Tower Hamlets neighborhood, was a stunning tribute to Khalid’s visionary approach and creative spirit.

Collaborating with New York-based visual artist Kambui Olujimi, Hoor Al Qasimi infused the collection with striking silhouettes and sculptural sensibilities. Olujimi’s painting series “When Monuments Fall” was masterfully translated onto the garments, offering a powerful commentary on current socio-political landscapes.

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The show opened with fluid silhouettes in pure white, followed by layered utility uniforms and boxy suits in lustrous satin fabrics. QASIMI‘s signature draping techniques shone on hooded tops, trench coats and effortless shirts in mesmerizing shades of teal. Vibrant blues appeared on wrap-around staples with formal underpinnings, while Olujimi’s abstract artwork graced painted panels, lending an angelic aura to the pieces.

For Hoor Al Qasimi, the journey to this moment was not without its challenges. Dealing with the emotional toll of her twin brother’s unexpected death, navigating the pandemic, and facing post-Brexit trade difficulties, she took her time building experience within the brand and the fashion industry at large.

The choice of venue, Wapping Power Station, had a special significance. “We’ve known this space for a very long time. It’s a space that my brother looked at one point, and I’ve made many trips here for different reasons,” Al Qasimi said after the show.

The collection’s subtext of war and monuments was deftly balanced with bright, functional pieces in nature-inspired colors such as turquoise and taupe, which mirror the hues found in Olujimi’s artwork. Free-flowing t-shirts and silky dresses resembled kites in motion, while crumpled silk-wool dresses evoked images of crumbling rubble.

The idea of the monument was very important – how they come down is a new part of history and it’s about rethinking those parts of history,” Al Qasimi explained.

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