Metamorphosis: The rise of Reece Yeboah & COS collaboration

Metamorphosis: The rise of Reece Yeboah & COS collaboration

Reece Yeboah, a rising fashion star, made a significant impact in the fashion industry with the introduction of his brand Yeboah in partnership with COS. The two unveiled their collaboration at a show in London on January 26th, presenting their bespoke collection named ‘’Metamorphosis’’. The collection combines the essence of both brands, offering a unique selection of fashion pieces where functionality and style seamlessly come together. It is a harmonious blend of luxury streetwear and modern aesthetics.

The collection features over 40 pieces of masculine designs and unisex accessories, which reflect Reece’s journey and the complexities of life. The collection is aimed at both communities and individuals, focusing on self-expression and authenticity rather than following seasonal trends. The pieces incorporate small details that create a big impact, inspired by the butterfly effect. The materials used to make the collection, including organic, recycled, and eco-responsible wool with the RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) label, make it an environmentally friendly option.

Reece’s formative experiences, including his travels to Ghana at the age of 11, serve as the inspiration behind the collection. This trip left a deep impression on him and sparked his desire to leave a mark on the world. Through the collection, he hopes to inspire younger generations to overcome obstacles and hardships, drawing strength from within.

Karin Gustafsson, the Artistic director of COS, explains that the collaboration with Yeboah has allowed them to delve into Reece’s creative influences and imagine their pieces in a new light. The partnership between the two brands aims to bring the communities together and focus on innovation and the circular economy.

I had been eyeing COS for a while, and vice versa. The brand saw my previous projects with Saint, and that’s what led us to discuss this collaboration. The rest is history! I find COS to be the best in terms of quality at affordable prices. We thought this was an opportunity to combine quality and creative innovation. By combining our two brands, we can reach new audiences“, said Reece Yeboah.

The launch of the ‘’Metamorphosis’’ collection signifies the evolution of Reece Yeboah as a designer and a promising start for his brand. The collaboration with COS offers a unique combination of luxury streetwear and modern aesthetics, making it a must-have for those who want to express their individuality and make a statement.

This capsule collection will be available in limited quantities worldwide on and in selected boutiques, starting February 1st, 2023.
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