Richard Quinn Spring Summer 2022 - London Fashion Week

Richard Quinn Spring/Summer 2022 – London Fashion Week


This was Richard Quinn’s first live runway show since February 2020, a sumptuous show, staged at The Londoner, a new hotel in Leicester Square, to top off London Fashion Week’s return to the physical, in-personal experience.

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I’m a London designer, I was born here, my studio’s here. So I’m emotional about everyone getting back together again. It was the idea of beauty and tension, and how they work together, after a time when everyone’s been locked up”, he said.

The 40-look show featured a myriad of Quinn’s greatest hits. The collection was meant to be a contrast between “tension and calm”, which was evident in the trench coats, aviator jackets and vinyl jackets topped off with dramatic up-shrugged shoulders, billowing and colorful dresses and full-body leotards (typically, in latex) which have become a signature for the brand that started the show, and the lush, flowing gowns toward the end.


©Richard Quinn

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