Rochas Fall Winter 2022 - Paris Fashion Week

Rochas Fall/Winter 2022 – Paris Fashion Week


For his second runway outing for the French fashion house Rochas, Charles de Vilmorin was inspired by Hélène Rochas, the wife of founder Marcel Rochas, translating house heritage as a mood and lifestyle, rather than reference any particular design features. “This collection talks about freedom and something super sophisticated”, he said.

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The vibe of this second one was well-off Goth meets monochromatic New Romantic. Understand sheer and delicate silhouettes, accompanied with eye-catching fringes, intricate embroideries, and long nails executed in a mostly black palette meant to highlight textures and lending an eveningwear tone to the collection. The collection‘s gothic aura was also apparent amongst the pieces’ headwear like its gleaming long-sleeve ribbed top with a connected one reminiscent of a knight in shining armor while the multicolor patchwork leather boots and studded-strap boots depicted sophisticated ferocity.



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