Salvatore Ferragamo - Spring Summer 2021 - Milan Fashion Week

Salvatore Ferragamo – Spring/Summer 2021 – Milan Fashion Week

September 29, 2020

Salvatore Ferragamo was back with Spring/Summer 2021 men’s and women’s collections by Paul Andrew & Guillaume Meilland.

Staged in the open air in the hectagonal colonnaded courtyard of the late-Baroque period Rotonda della Besana, the collections were unveiled with the screening of an engaging short movie shot in Technicolor that Luca Guadagnino filmed in an empty Milan in August.

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During his lockdown, Paul Andrew found inspiration in classic Hitchcock movies that he shared in these words :

‘’This Spring/Summer, stuck at home, I rewatched classic Hitchcock, in particular Marnie, The Birds and Vertigo. In the past, watching those movies has always felt like inhabiting a surreal and strange world. But watching them during lockdown was different: they felt like ‘real life’ because ‘real life’ itself had suddenly become so strange, surreal and oddly beautiful. There are several direct homages to key Hitchcock moments in the collection, and the collection echoes that gorgeous, hyper-real level of colour saturation that is so evident in the beautiful Technicolor masterpiece that is Vertigo’’.


Women’s looks spanned from perforated leather skirt suits and draped dresses with spaghetti straps to canvas trench coats splashed with graphic floral patterns and honeycomb knitted frocks. The men’s range, designed by Guillaume Meilland, hinged on softly constructed suits, slick leather jackets, and raincoats, sometimes enriched with leather details.

©Salvatore Ferragamo