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AMBUSH is a fashion brand founded by Japanese designer Yoon Ahn and her husband, rapper Verbal, in 2008. The brand is based in Tokyo and is known for its unique and innovative designs that blend streetwear and high fashion.
Ambush Spring-Summer 2025

Ambush Spring/Summer 2025

Ambush‘s Spring/Summer 2025 collection takes fashion enthusiasts on a journey through the vibrant world of art class misfits. Designer Yoon Ahn continues her exploration
June 25, 2024
Ambush Fall-Winter 2024

Ambush Fall/Winter 2024

Yoon Ahn’s fascination with school uniforms continues to blossom in her latest Ambush collection for Fall/Winter 2024. This season, she ditches the rebellious undertones
February 28, 2024
Ambush Spring-Summer 2024

Ambush Spring/Summer 2024

The ongoing dance between individuality and uniformity in fashion finds a fresh, vibrant stage in the Ambush Spring/Summer 2024 collection. Spearheaded by the imaginative
October 6, 2023
Ambush Fall/Winter 2023

Ambush Fall/Winter 2023

Fashion aficionados have been debating the idea of personal style, with many pointing out the uniform-like nature of contemporary fashion. This uniformity is not
February 23, 2023