The Row Spring-Summer 2025

The Row Spring/Summer 2025

The Row's Spring/Summer 2025 collection showcases a blend of classic and contemporary styles, featuring intricate layering, playful patterns, and sophisticated evening wear, all presented in a relaxed, elegant ambiance.
June 19, 2024

Known for its minimalist yet sophisticated approach, The Row has redefined casual elegance, offering a fresh perspective on everyday wear.

The request for guests, arriving at The Row’s Paris headquarters, to refrain from using their phones during the show underscored the brand’s commitment to an intimate and focused experience. This small but significant request allowed everyone to fully immerse in the artistry of the collection.

The first salon greeted visitors with an array of meticulously dressed mannequins, each showcasing The Row’s unique reinterpretations of classic menswear. The standout pieces included a reimagined blue workwear jacket, a vest with a scholarly vibe, and a sleeveless tartan sheath held by delicate shoulder ribbons. These items exemplified the brand’s ability to blend traditional elements with contemporary flair.

Layering played a crucial role in this collection. Oversized jumpers were paired with tiered lace lingerie dresses and relaxed jeans, while a vibrant red and blue checked cotton linen skirt was matched with a pale yellow polo. These combinations highlighted The Row’s talent for creating ensembles that are both stylish and comfortable.

Evening wear took on a new dimension with silhouettes that featured intricate metal embroidery and sculptural rings around the neck and upper arms. These designs promised to set the standard for elegance in 2025.

The Row’s dedication to tailoring was evident in every piece. All-season leather jackets and covetable bags, such as the Marlo, stood out for their craftsmanship and design. The men’s range, developed alongside the women’s, showcased an equal balance of sophistication and utility.

Patterned pieces and color accents marked a departure from the brand’s usual muted palette. This playful experimentation hinted at a more relaxed approach by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, signaling a shift towards a carefree yet refined aesthetic.

The ambiance of the showroom further enhanced the experience. An eclectic mix of furniture from prestigious Parisian galleries, accompanied by music from Grateful Dead and Bob Marley, created a laid-back atmosphere that complemented the collection’s vibe.

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©Photo: The Row