Thom Browne - Spring-Summer 2021 - Paris Fashion Week

Thom Browne – Spring/Summer 2021 – Paris Fashion Week

October 6, 2020

The Summer Olympics may have been postponed due the pandemic, but not in Thom Browne’s imagination. For Spring/Summer 2021, has gone sporting at the 2132 Olympics, an event he imagined happening 239,000 miles from Earth on the moon.

In the video with L.A.’s 1923 Memorial Sports Coliseum as a scenic backdrop, he staged comedian Jordan Firstman and model Grace Mahary banter like sports commentators as models and flag bearers descended the stadium steps – the venue was chosen both for its Art Deco architecture and its hosting of the 1932 & 1984 Olympics.

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‘’I was watching ‘Chariots of Fire’ and got stuck on the 1920s.…I also saw an image of Suzanne Lenglen (Twenties French tennis champion) in her amazing drop-waisted cardigans and pleated skirts’’, said the designer.

There had no doubt that the silhouettes of the ‘20s and ’30s inspired the collection.


The entire collection was rendered in the nearly all-white palette : ivory, eggshell, the palest yellow and the faintest gray.

The techniques were as meticulous as ever while sporty and long-line silhouettes were also for the designer to blur gender lines between his men’s and women’s wear.

And to further trouble gender perception, Thom Browne reversed the positioning of clothing on the body: jacket worn like a skirt, pleated skirt like a top, challenging the idea how we can wear his clothes in the real life. But that’s another story!


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