Versace - Spring Summer 2021 - Milan Fashion Week

Versace – Spring/Summer 2021 – Milan Fashion Week

September 29, 2020

Donatella Versace staged her live-streamed show – closed to the public and attended by staff only – in the imagined ruins of Versaceopolis. Remnants of an old world long gone whose deep waters were quickly heated up by some of its mythical citizens seen with drenched hair, oiled flesh and generous bosoms frothing from the top of slipdresses.

The designer went for an undersea theme out of a yearning for nature, escape and fantasy.

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‘’The world has changed and we have changed. We have been repeating this almost as a mantra for months, but at the end of the day, for a designer this means to start all over again’’, said Donatella. ‘’I wanted to create something disruptive, something that could be in tune with what has changed inside all of us. To me that meant dreaming of a new world. A world made of popping colors and fantastic creatures and a world in which we can all coexist peacefully. This collection has an upbeat soul and is optimistic, dreamy, positive… These are clothes that bring you joy’’.

The collection was solid and very on-brand in its use of vivid Miami colors, bold oceanic prints and unabashed sexiness.