Viktor & Rolf Haute Couture Spring Summer 2021

Viktor & Rolf Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2021


After months of doom-scrolling and lockdowns, Viktor & Rolf decided that was the moment to lift spirits and get some energy going.

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‘’For this season, we were in the mood for something obviously opposite, something that’s… basically an escape into a party atmosphere’’, said Rolf Snoeren. ‘’We noticed we were doomscrolling’’, adds Viktor Horsting, ‘’and we felt we needed, as creators, to offer something lighthearted and something with a lot of energy and power’’.

So, they describe their latest collection as a ‘’couture rave’’.

Known for their conceptualism, the Dutch duo took a more instinctual approach this season, making youth and upcycling their main themes. Taking an ‘’anything goes’’ approach, they used elements of their own archive, bits of jewelry, sweatshirts, and mere scraps of fabric to create new looks.

And what the novelty this season at Viktor & Rolf was ‘’there’s a lot of tiny clothes in the collection’’, Horsting said, pointing out that showing this much skin and underwear as outerwear was new style turf for the Dutch duo, prone to enveloping the body.

Between the eye-popping color combinations, shimmering fabrics, ruffles by the yard, found costume jewelry and the surplus of adornments – from crystals to embroideries, beads to chains – the looks had a DIY mien – half punk, half 1980s Pat Benatar.

©Viktor & Rolf

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