Vivienne Westwood - Spring Summer 2021 - London Fashion Week

Vivienne Westwood – Spring/Summer 2021 – London Fashion Week


Vivienne Westwood was once again using her collection to challenge opinions and carry out loud and clear her fights for ecology and against conventions and social norms.

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Via a two minute collection video partly shot outside the Old Bailey – England’s highest court – during demonstrations in support of legal efforts to thwart the extradition of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to the United States, the designer channeled a punchy, ‘’anything goes’’ attitude throughout her new collection, which aimed at putting dress codes and traditional notions of gender aside, in favor of optimistic, attention-grabbing pieces that can be worn by anyone and at all times.

Dress for the time of day, or don’t dress for the time of day-wear your evening clothes to the office if you go back to work, mix seasons – our aim is to show only one collection a year

Westwood said

Her collection skillfully blended sharp cuts, true to the Savile Row tailoring tradition of her house, and relaxed shapes and volumes. She also showed off colors and prints, including tartan, small checks and the typically British Prince of Wales pattern that adorned pieces punctuated with many shades of red, electric blues and soft greens. Vivienne Westwood furthered her sustainability mission when it came to her fabric choices, making more of use of organic cotton, linens and recycled denim.

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