WE11DONE Women's Spring-Summer 2021 and Men's Pre-Fall 2021 Lookbook

WE11DONE Women’s Spring/Summer 2021 and Men’s Pre-Fall 2021

November 24, 2020

WE11DONE has released its Spring/Summer 2021 women’s and Pre-Fall 2021 men’s collections with a short film and lookbook, shot by Steve Mackey and art directed and styled by Katie Grand. Titled ‘’Homesick’’, this season explores the mental and emotional state of homesickness. But creative directors Jessica Jung and Dami Kwon hoped to take a wider view of the subject, mulling over the many different definitions of home and that which people are longing for now.

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Here, home refers to the feelings of comfort, of safety, of warmth – the stability one begins to crave after many months on the road. In searching for home, the mind wanders into the past and through memories of better times. Yet those memories are often imperfect. Nodding to the blurred paintings of German artist Gerhard Richter, neon and white threads are woven together to create blurry sweaters. In faded pastel hues, the WE11DONE logo is fuzzily repeated over pieces like a white overcoat, a trench, and several pleated skirts.

A simple square is the collection’s key motif, employed in the places it is least expected. A roundtoed sneaker is squared; so are the V and U-neck tops of last season, exchanged for sharp square necklines. Sequins are sewn in square patterns that recur over everything from black cocoon coats to gray pencil skirts. They replace the traditional circles and curves, revealing those to have been false memories.

Elsewhere, black stripes in a range of widths and the spaces between them represent the gaps in our memory, as seen on silk separates and a denim set splotched with dirt. Shot minimally and steeped in nostalgia, the collection becomes a blurred memory of a way of life we miss.