Y/Project - Spring Summer 2021 - Paris Fashion Week

Y/Project – Spring/Summer 2021 – Paris Fashion Week

October 8, 2020

Like just about every other designer, Glenn Martens of Y/Project had to quickly get used to a whole new way of doing things.

This season, this was all about reinforcing the brand’s essence. ‘’I was really going back to the essence of the brand. Y/Project has always been about versatility’’, the designer said. In practice, that meant he looked to its past to inform its Spring/Summer 2021 collection, with an offering that elegantly combined form and function, while still continuing to push the limits with his deconstruction-reconstruction approach.

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‘’In this season’s collection, snap buttons on sleeves and legs, inventively allow each piece to become a new opportunity for individual expression: trench coats, sweaters and dresses gain unexpected volumes and shapes when playing with button fastening. Pants seem to have grown a blazing fin from a front panel. Jackets and tops fluidify from symmetrical patterns into swirling forms. Blazer necklines bifurcate to become scarves. True to Y/PROJECT’s design ethos each piece features a design twist, transforming familiar classic pieces into “impossible objects’’, stated Y/Project’s press notes.

This collection’s versatility and interchangeability were shown in ‘’How to Wear’’ video where models were set up in a row of three and stood as their outfits were tweaked to become something else.