16Arlington Fall-Winter 2024 - London Fashion Week

16Arlington Fall/Winter 2024 – London Fashion Week

Unconventional beauty reigns in 16Arlington's Fall/Winter 2024. Inspired by monsters and Madonna, expect dark florals, subversive textures, and flawless tailoring for all.
February 18, 2024

Forget pumpkin spice and autumn leaves – spooky season is alive and well in the 16Arlington household, at least for Marco Capaldo’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection. This season, Capaldo takes us on a darkly delightful journey, celebrating the freaks, outcasts, and monsters of popular culture, all filtered through his unique and ever-evolving design lens.

Capaldo’s inspiration stems from writer and curator Charlie Fox’s captivating book “This Young Monster,” a deep dive into the cultural presence of monsters, from David Lynch to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Capaldo was particularly drawn to the duality of monsters – their menacing exterior masking vulnerability and their role in pushing boundaries and understanding the unknown. This fascination translates into the collection’s intriguing textures and details.

Madonna‘s unapologetic anthem “Human Nature” served as another touchstone, influencing not just the collection’s bold spirit but also Capaldo’s unwavering commitment to defying expectations. The show opened with a series of head-to-toe black looks, showcasing 16Arlington’s mastery of sophisticated essentials – think sweeping duster coats, slinky halter-neck dresses, and ethereal pleated gowns. This monochromatic foundation perfectly sets the stage for the subversive elements to gradually emerge.

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Shaggy faux fur in unexpected colors adorns oversized bags and coats, while varnished leather trousers in unconventional hues like teal and mauve add a touch of playful “bad taste.” Capaldo masterfully mixes textures and colors that wouldn’t seem to work on paper – like sheer and matte, fluffy and glossy – creating a collection that’s both beautiful and unexpected.

Look closer, and you’ll discover the true craftsmanship behind the seemingly monstrous details. The faux fur coats boast intricate chevron patterns inspired by Twin Peaks, while the headmistress-chic felted wool and ostrich leather skirts exude luxuriousness. The shimmering organza dresses and skirts, featuring a glitchy checked print symbolizing “smoke under the surface of the skin,” showcase Capaldo’s growing confidence in using innovative materials and techniques.

Marco Capaldo continues to champion inclusivity with expertly tailored pieces for a wider range of body types. This commitment is evident in the flawless tailoring seen on the curve models who graced the runway, further solidifying 16Arlington’s position as a brand for everyone who embraces their inner monster.

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