16Arlington Spring-Summer 2024 - London Fashion Week

16Arlington Spring/Summer 2024 – London Fashion Week

September 18, 2023

Marco Capaldo, the co-founder of 16Arlington, is in the midst of a remarkable evolution. Following a gentle revamp of the brand at the onset of last year, the talented designer has broadened the brand’s range from dazzling party dresses to include leather goods and menswear, demonstrating remarkable confidence. This journey culminated in a prestigious accolade, the BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund, which has fuelled Capaldo’s ambitions of establishing a new luxury house in London. This Spring/Summer 2024, Capaldo showcases a refined and sophisticated vision for 16Arlington, drawing inspiration from unexpected sources and melding everyday experiences with high-fashion creativity.


Embarking on a journey of transformation, Capaldo started this season with an intention to elevate 16Arlington’s aesthetic. Inspired by David Lynch’s cult classic, ‘’Lost Highway’’, he opted for an interpretative approach rather than a literal one. The film’s enigmatic narrative and noir visuals served as a backdrop for Capaldo’s imagination, focusing on elements such as snippets of dialogue and lighting. Collaborating with art director Olu Odukoya, they designed curved seating for the show venue adorned with lines from the film, challenging the boundaries between dream and reality.

This sense of duality was reflected in the collection itself. Capaldo surprised the audience with translucent latex paillette-covered skirts and dresses, transitioning from white to shades of red, blue, and gray. The appearance of oversized silvery sequins, which turned out to be metal on closer inspection, showcased his innovative approach. Meanwhile, shoes adorned with fluttering circular cut-outs, inspired by a Japanese book on Lynch’s film, echoed this sentiment.


Moreover, the designer found inspiration in everyday experiences, specifically the exhilaration of night-time city drives. The collection featured a palette of glossy red and saturated cyan, reminiscent of halogen headlights and raindrops on windshields, juxtaposed with high heels wrapped in rubber tentacles akin to automatic car wash brushes. This playful yet seductive approach was mirrored in gowns featuring curved ridges resembling car exteriors and factory-curtain latex dresses adorned with hand-tacked ostrich feathers.

Capaldo also embraced a more relaxed styling this season, combining Wall Street-inspired shirting with sequined skirts, transforming sweatshirt fabrics into elegant trousers, and introducing oversized versions of the Kikka bag, a tribute to his late partner Kikka Cavenati. Despite the esoteric cinematic inspiration, Capaldo successfully translated it into a collection with practical appeal.

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©Photo: 16Arlington