A fresh take with Puma x Pleasures

The Puma x Pleasures collection melds sportswear and eclectic LA vibes. Featuring the revamped Overdyed Velophasis, it offers a mix of patterns, accessories, and vibrant color schemes, dropping October 21st.
October 15, 2023
A fresh take with Puma x Pleasures

The collaboration of Puma x Pleasures breathes life into fashion with a spirited mix of sportswear and eclectic aesthetics that are both whimsical and refined. This delightful merger weaves the technical precision of sportswear with Pleasures’ iconic irreverence, birthing a collection that resonates with the vibrancy of Los Angeles and the meticulous engineering of German sportswear.

In the heart of this collection is the reincarnation of the Overdyed Velophasis, a piece that premiered earlier this year, emanating DIY vibes that captured the hearts of many. The sequel to this release sees Puma and Pleasures evolving, showcasing a capsule imbued with original patterns and cut-and-sew items. It’s a fashion story that bridges two worlds, immersing wearers in a realm where graphic t-shirts and accessories speak a language of eclectic elegance.

A fresh take with Puma x Pleasures

Outerwear takes center stage, with the patterned Puffer Jacket boasting an all-over geometric design. The Zip-Off Jacket, a marvel of adaptability, offers zipped raglan sleeves that adjust to the wearer’s preference. This collection’s allure is magnified by essential hoodies and t-shirts, weaving the Sportartikelhersteller theme into every stitch and seam.

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Accessories have not been spared the touch of ingenuity. The Masked Bucket Hat and Messenger Bag, crafted from Cordura ripstop fabric, encapsulate both durability and style. A special Biergarten graphic graces a t-shirt, encapsulating the playful celebration of German and Los Angeles cultures.

A fresh take with Puma x Pleasures

The Puma x Pleasures Part Two is available starting October 21st, 2023, from puma.com, pleasures.com, Puma flagship stores, and selected retailers.

In honor of their continued partnership, Puma and Pleasures are hosting the Velophasis Sound System event in Berlin. This unique gathering, reminiscent of a contemporary Oktoberfest carnival, promises unexpected delights and exclusive experiences.

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