Acne Studios Fall-Winter 2023 - Paris Fashion Week

Acne Studios Fall/Winter 2023 – Paris Fashion Week

March 5, 2023

As the world continues to face uncertainty and turmoil, it’s not surprising that many of us are seeking refuge in nature. For creative director Jonny Johansson, this desire for a simpler, more organic existence is at the heart of his latest collection for Acne Studios.

Johansson, who grew up in northern Sweden surrounded by vast forests, has always been inspired by the natural world. Despite now residing in the bustling city of Stockholm, he’s managed to infuse elements of the wilderness into his urban designs. This season, the collection is a nostalgic nod to his childhood and an escape from the overstimulated, digital-heavy world we live in.

The runway was transformed into a magical forest, with models strutting down the catwalk as if they were bleary-eyed wood nymphs on their way to an all-night rave. They were decked out in designs that blended the rugged beauty of nature with the edgy aesthetic of the city. From skinny lace-up leather pants to moss green crochet slip dresses, the clothes were adorned with psychedelic crochet flowers and distressed details.

Johansson described the handwork and destruction of the clothes as a rejection of the hyperreal, digital fashion that has become so prevalent in recent years. The distressed look of the pieces is meant to serve as a sartorial equivalent of a digital detox, offering a refreshing break from the fast-paced, high-tech world we’re used to.

While some of the more delicate pieces, like the devoré-and-silk-chiffon leaf dresses, might be difficult to imagine wearing in the real world, the rugged wrapped and draped herringbone wool coats and crinkled oversized blazers had a practical swagger that was both tangible and in line with the mood of the season.

In a time when we’re all craving a connection to nature and a break from technology, Jonny Johansson’s latest collection for Acne Studios offers a glimpse of a world that’s simpler, more organic, and, most importantly, enchanting.

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