adidas Originals announces global partnership with Edison Chen

adidas Originals announces global partnership with Edison Chen

adidas Originals and Edison Chen announce a global partnership, joining creative forces to create a unique fashion legacy. The collaboration promises innovative designs and a bridge between Eastern and Western cultures.
November 7, 2023

adidas Originals joins forces with Edison Chen, marking the beginning of an innovative global partnership. The collaboration, aptly named “Adidas Originals by Edison Chen,” marks Chen’s remarkable return to the brand and opens doors to a new era of creative ingenuity. Together, they aim to create a cultural legacy and set the stage for future collaborations.

Edison Chen is the founder and creative director of acclaimed global lifestyle brand CLOT, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Moving from Vancouver to Hong Kong at a young age marked the beginning of Edison Chen’s journey into a melting pot of Eastern and Western influences. This transition exposed him to a variety of cultures, broadened his worldview and planted the seeds for the eventual creation of CLOT.

adidas Originals announces global partnership with Edison Chen

With this partnership, Chen will bring his innovative vision and creative flair to adidas Originals, introducing unique collaborative styles. The brand plans to delve into its rich archives, showcasing its historical significance while fostering cultural exchange between East and West. The collaboration aims to push boundaries, challenge norms and introduce thought-provoking designs that stand out.

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Edison Chen expressed his excitement for the partnership, highlighting how his aesthetic has changed over the years. “With adidas, we’re creating to inspire. I think the ability to freely create something is one of the reasons why I do this. My whole aesthetic, especially in the past few years, has fully transformed. I haven’t had the chance to create through that lens yet, which is why this collaboration is exciting and nerve-wracking for me because we’re heading in that direction through this partnership. I’m coming in with a new inspiration. I spent the summer in Europe immersing myself in the Adidas brand, which gave me a new point of view. The new EDC vibe is more chic than street. After the 20th year, I’m more excited than ever,” said Chen.

adidas Originals announces global partnership with Edison Chen

The partnership reflects a mutual commitment to creative innovation and celebrates the union of adidas Original and Edison Chen in fashion, music and retail. The collaboration promises to be a catalyst for cultural connection across the globe, inspiring a new generation of multi-talented creators.

The CLOT Spring/Summer 2024 fashion show brought together a vibrant community of young designers and collaborators, telling a story of succession and potential. The event underscored that the throne is up for grabs and anyone could be next in line.

The “Change The Generation” collection, born out of this partnership, showcases a rich diversity of styles. From ultra-lifestyle to formal wear to active streetwear, the collection offers a plethora of options that encourage individual exploration and a fusion of different lifestyles. Pieces from this unique collection will hit shelves in January 2024.

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