Alberta Ferretti - Fall Winter 2020 - Milan Fashion Week

Alberta Ferretti – Fall/Winter 2020 – Milan Fashion Week

February 22, 2020

The Alberta Ferretti Fall/Winter 2020 collection seemed to reference a little to the Eighties, a lot of suits, and bold tailoring.

The new route the designer has taken this season is much more pragmatic and efficient, in keeping with fashion’s zeitgeist. ‘’Daywear. Tailoring. Feminine’’, she said.

The Do-Not-Dare-To-Mess-With-Me vibe was carried out with conviction throughout the collection, with plenty of oversized, blown-up volumes, broad statement shoulders, and powerful ‘80s silhouettes fortified by robust use of leather dressing. For those looking for a bit of the designer’s romance d’antan, not much was left to enjoy. Playing on the same voluminous notes, explosions of undulating plissé ruffles in bright colors – red, fuchsia, cobalt blue, lilac – erupted on airy blouses, billowy tops and tiered tremulous concoctions. They were a whimsical antidote to the powerful, inevitable practicality of daywear.

©Alberta Ferretti