Chloé Pre-Fall 2024

Chloé Pre-Fall 2024

Chloé's Pre-Fall 2024 collection under Chemena Kamali's direction marks a new chapter for the brand. It prioritizes practicality and versatility, while staying true to Chloé's core values of effortless femininity and timeless elegance.
April 25, 2024

Chloé’s new Creative director, Chemena Kamali, unveils her debut Pre-Fall 2024 collection. Kamali, a familiar face at Chloé with prior experience at the brand, emphasizes practicality and a “living through design” philosophy. The collection, arriving in stores this June, revolves around core pieces that seamlessly integrate into existing wardrobes. Think wide-leg denims, tailored blazers, and flowy blouses, all rendered in a timeless black, white, and nude palette.

Kamali’s personal style resonates throughout the collection. Think effortless chic with a touch of whimsy. Scalloped edges, a signature Chloé detail, adorn skirts, while playful nods to the house’s history emerge through horse, banana, and pineapple motifs adorning the jewelry.

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Functionality reigns supreme. Kamali demonstrates how each piece effortlessly transitions between formal and informal settings, making them ideal for the modern woman’s multifaceted life. A removable cape on a trench coat exemplifies this adaptability, offering both a streamlined and layered silhouette.

The collection also winks towards Chloé’s rich heritage. The “Karl collar” on a navy gabardine jacket pays homage to the late Karl Lagerfeld’s tenure, while the “Musketeer” influence surfaces in silk caped shirts. Kamali masterfully reimagines the iconic Chloé Camera bag in a roomy, lived-in style, alongside a miniaturized version of the new crescent-shaped Bracelet bag, reviving an early 2000s “IT” bag.

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