AMI Alexandre Mattiussi Spring-Summer 2024 - Paris Fashion Week Men’s

AMI Alexandre Mattiussi Spring/Summer 2024 – Paris Fashion Week Men’s

June 26, 2023

In an era of flamboyant frills and baroque excess, the AMI Alexandre Mattiussi Spring/Summer 2024 collection harkens back to the days of 90s minimalism, signaling a refreshing return to essentials. As the world paces rapidly towards the ostentatious, Alexandre Mattiussi, the creative powerhouse behind AMI, slows the cadence, distilling fashion to its core. With his undeniably pragmatic approach, Mattiussi’s designs breathe life into clothes, transforming them into an evolving, wearable narrative that defies the distracting noise of a fickle industry.

An enticing tale of simplicity, sobriety, and elegance unfolded at the fashion show at the Tennis Club de Paris – a 1930’s industrial-style edifice steeped in minimalism. This architectural marvel housed the Spring-Summer 24 show, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the collection, untethered by the usual trappings of glitz and glamour. The raw, spacious interiors, subtly overlaid with gray carpeting, echoed the ethos of the collection: emphasizing the art of essentiality, which seamlessly resonated with Rone’s minimalist soundtrack, “I, Philip“.

As the clock struck 8:30 pm, French actor Vincent Cassel led the casting line, closely followed by a parade of established and emerging faces including Liu Wen, Akon Changkou and Vittoria Ceretti. Among the illustrious attendees were Catherine Deneuve, Wooshik Choi and Antoine Dupont, each lending their unique charisma to the palpable ambience.

Much like the 90s fashion it draws inspiration from, the AMI Alexandre Mattiussi Spring/Summer 2024 collection is a tribute to the minimalist, functional wardrobe. In Mattiussi’s own words, “AMI is rooted in the real world, our clothes are made to be worn and enjoyed, to be mixed-and-matched, our collections are meant to live“. The collection emphasizes a fusion of fluidity and sharpness, incorporating pastels and natural summer colors, creating a symbiotic relationship between masculine and feminine sensuality.

Undoubtedly, one of the standouts from the collection is the revamped bag range. It’s an homage to the quintessential Parisian chic, ranging from the signature Paris-Paris to the cushion-shaped Voulez-Vous and the versatile Grocery Bag. These aren’t just bags; they encapsulate the spirit of AMI’s minimalism, refining the essential, and discarding the redundant.

The black and white AMI Alexandre Mattiussi signature stripe not only finds its place in accessories but also becomes an integral part of jewelry designs and the brand’s inaugural range of unisex sunglasses. These pieces, adorned with the Ami de Coeur clasp, project an identity that is distinctive yet understated, in sync with the spirit and colors of the season.

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