AZ Factory Pre-Fall 2024

AZ Factory Pre-Fall 2024

Lutz Huelle brings Parisian inspiration to AZ Factory Pre-Fall 2024, fusing high fashion and street style with playful, dynamic designs for a fresh, seductive wardrobe.
January 17, 2024

Working as an ‘’amigo’’ for AZ Factory, Lutz Huelle brings his unique style and vision to the AZ Factory Pre-Fall 2024 collection. As the only designer who contributes regularly, he has a strong intuition for the brand. This time he’s inspired by Paris and presents styles that are easy and attractive.

Lutz Huelle says, “Arriving to Paris in the ’90s, I experienced the city with fresh eyes, much like Alber. Of course, it’s easy to get swept up in mythic ideas of culture and beauty. And that nowhere else is fashion taken so seriously. Yet whenever I observe how Parisian women dress, style is signalled with insouciance. Nothing appears forced. In a similar way, I am always delighted when I see couture surfacing within everyday life. I like considering the incongruities and energy of this convergence that is unique to Paris – and how women everywhere can identify somewhere within the mix.”

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The collection is all about dressing up and having fun. It includes asymmetrical dresses with playful ruffles and denim suits in shades of gray. Bright colors like fuchsia and red add a couture feel, but with a more relaxed vibe.

You’ll see glamour mixed with street style in the collection. Leopard print is a key element, appearing on sequined dresses, jacquards and even fluid pants and tops. Other items shine with sequins, such as a classic men’s shirt or cozy knit sets.

The designs are both attractive and versatile. There are ruffled skirts, stylish pajama sets and classic shirts paired with asymmetrical skirts. The collection includes lace-trimmed pants, cropped sweatshirts and lightweight viscose pieces that look like denim. Black is a key color, perfect for day or evening wear, with dresses that have playful flounces or are longer and flowing.

This AZ Factory Pre-Fall 2024 collection with Lutz Huelle reinterprets the Parisian femme fatale. It offers a wardrobe that’s dynamic and reflects a woman’s changing moods, giving a new twist to seduction and style.

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©Photo: AZ Factory