Unearthing elegance with Bally Fall/Winter 2023 campaign

Bally's Fall/Winter 2023 campaign, captured by Alasdair McLellan at Villa Heleneum, is a visual sonnet of Swiss legacy and redefined elegance, intertwining contemporary art and fashion amidst Lake Lugano's serene landscape.
October 26, 2023
Unearthing elegance with Bally Fall-Winter 2023 campaign

The Bally Fall/Winter 2023 campaign is akin to a blossoming flower amidst the alpine expanse, rebirthing elegance with a touch of sublime artistry. This visionary pursuit, captured by the lens of the renowned Alasdair McLellan, breathes life into fashion, interweaving the threads of art, sophistication, and Swiss legacy. Every image, every stance, seems to echo the pristine serenity of Switzerland’s Lake Lugano, presenting a visual sonnet of elegance redefined.

Unearthing elegance with Bally Fall-Winter 2023 campaign

Nestled in the historic architecture of Villa Heleneum, a structure that bears the emblem of time and the echoes of epochs, the Bally Foundation has found its sanctuary. A space where the intricate dance between contemporary art and culture is not just celebrated but lives and breathes, embracing visitors in an experience that is both tangible and ethereal.

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This monumental edifice, with its proud stance by Lake Lugano, sets the stage for the Bally Fall/Winter 2023 campaign – a narrative spun with threads of elegance, artistry, and profound introspection. The campaign is the first from Bally since the internal appointment of new Creative director Simone Bellotti.

Unearthing elegance with Bally Fall-Winter 2023 campaign

McLellan’s lens, guided by an intuitive brilliance, immortalizes moments that oscillate between dreamy introspection and poignant interpersonal connections. Each frame, graced by models Joshua Adesope, Joseph Glasser, Nazarit Machin, Lydia Reid and Will Woodward, resonates with the nuanced aesthetic of a painting, where every brushstroke is laden with emotion and profound intent.

The Bally Fall/Winter 2023 campaign is not just a collection of images; it’s a journey through the corridors of time, where past and present embrace, epitomizing the brand’s dedication to the Swiss roots that anchor it.

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Unearthing elegance with Bally Fall-Winter 2023 campaign