Bally Fall-Winter 2024 - Milan Fashion Week

Bally Fall/Winter 2024 – Milan Fashion Week

Bally's Fall/Winter 2024 collection by Simone Bellotti blends Swiss folklore with modern elegance, featuring playful details, contrasting textures, and practical pieces.
February 28, 2024

Simone Bellotti, Bally‘s Creative director, continues to delve into the essence of Switzerland, this time drawing inspiration from captivating Swiss folklore and the often-overlooked realm of Alpine mysticism. His sophomore collection for Fall/Winter 2024 masterfully blends these elements with Bally’s rich heritage, resulting in a lineup that’s both sophisticated and subtly playful.


Bellotti isn’t afraid to push boundaries while remaining respectful of the brand’s 173-year legacy. He cleverly incorporates symbolic references from Swiss folklore without resorting to literal interpretations. This translates into stunning pieces like a loden coat with a skirt that subtly flares into the shape of a church bell, or a classic poplin shirt paired with a knitted gilet revealing a furry back, hinting at a more primal side.

The collection is a beautiful symphony of contrasts. Structured tailoring in cool, patrician tones meets the unexpected whimsy of tiny bells and flower studs adorning the brand’s renowned Glendale mary janes. Forest green loden capes and coats transform into elegant dresses, while crisp cotton shirts and boatneck sweaters find their perfect partners in indigo denim jeans and block-heeled boots.


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Bellotti showcases his understanding of modern sensibilities by offering “comfortable and proper garments” suitable for everyday life. The collection features smart blazers, protective yet supple leather jackets, and capes, all imbued with a refined, almost aristocratic air. He even introduces a touch of subtle rebellion with leather pieces adorned with traditional Appenzeller motifs interspersed with edgy metallic grommets – a subtle nod to contemporary discourse.

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©Photo: Bally