BAPE Spring Summer 2023 commemorates 30th milestone

BAPE Spring/Summer 2023 commemorates 30th milestone

April 7, 2023

Marking its 30th anniversary, iconic Japanese brand BAPE is set to release an exceptional Spring/Summer 2023 collection that pays homage to the vibrant city of Tokyo. This nostalgic assortment showcases the brand’s rich history, signature motifs, and distinctive patterns while highlighting the innovative spirit of Japanese streetwear and fashion worldwide.

Diving into the Spring/Summer 2023 collection: A walk down memory lane

The BAPE Spring/Summer 2023 collection is a celebration of the brand’s evolution, taking us on a journey through its storied past. The lookbook tells two narratives, “Young Rich Boy” and “Retro Film Shooting“, exploring various aspects of the BAPE universe. The former, rooted in the BAPE®︎ Logo Monogram, highlights velour’s refined simplicity, while the latter captures the warmth and personality of film photography through pieces such as the Thermography Shark Hoodie and Cookie Camo Varsity Jacket.

Men’s collection: A wearable yearbook

BAPE’s Spring/Summer 2023 men’s collection offers an array of versatile and statement-making pieces. Nodding to preppy school clothing, space uniforms, sports culture, and rugged outdoorsy styles, the collection features staples like the Busy Work Pants, BAPE® Boyscout Shirt, and the innovative Balaclava Hoodie. Dynamic patterns such as the Honeycomb Camo print, alongside the ABC and Woodland versions, pay tribute to the brand’s Japanese heritage and adventure-ready garments.

Women’s collection: Bold femininity and playful prints

For women, BAPE’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection presents a range of vibrant designs adorned with striking graphics and prints. The “College” range evokes nostalgia with throwback designs like the 2000’s Gradiation series and OG graphic prints. The “Outdoor” range showcases techwear and military styling with the exclusive Pink Woodland Camo pattern, while the “Hip Hop” range harks back to the 2000s with Cookie Camo 2 patterns on jacquard jackets and handbags, as well as Y2K-inspired pieces such as the BAPE Logo Monogram Tracksuit and Low Waist Denim Jeans. Complementing the collection are accessories and layering options, including the Milo Basket Bag and Tie-Dye items.

BAPE KIDS®: A playful and bold collection for the little ones

The BAPE KIDS® Spring/Summer 2023 collection offers a playful, bold range for the youngest streetwear enthusiasts. With mixed material constructions and a variety of themes, the “School” range features the BAPE® CHECK print on school uniform-inspired silhouettes, while the BOY SCOUT series equips little adventurers for wilderness exploration. The “Outdoor” range, inspired by camping and fishing, showcases bright and bold Woodland Camo and technical details on items like the 4 Ways Jacket and Big Pocket t-shirt. The summertime-leaning Baby Milo® range features the Baby Milo® Mixed Fruit all-over print and the Baby Milo® STA DENIM in various washes.

Celebrating 30 Years with collaborations and events

As part of its 30th-anniversary celebrations, BAPE is set to unveil an exciting series of collaborations and events, including BAPE GALLERY, BAPETAVERSE and BAPE STA, starting in April.