Billy Reid returns to footwear

Billy Reid’s awaited return to footwear unveils meticulously crafted, iconic models. Merging traditional craftsmanship with contemporary style, the Indianola and Paglia moto boot epitomize quality, sophistication, and functional elegance for fashion enthusiasts.
October 17, 2023
Billy Reid returns to footwear
The Paglia moto boot. ©Photo: Billy Reid

Supply chain constraints once halted Billy Reid’s creation process, but as of this fall, Reid’s beloved footwear pieces are making a triumphant return, unveiling a blend of classic and contemporary aesthetics.

Since our beginnings shoes have been a foundational part of our collection. Due to supply challenges over the past couple of years, we were forced to take a break in the category,” Reid shared. The pause, however temporary, made the revival of Billy Reid footwear all the more anticipated.

In collaboration with skilled artisans in a family-owned shoe manufacturing hub in Tuscany, Italy, Billy Reid’s redesigned footwear models echo the brand’s longstanding commitment to quality, sophistication, and style. With a focus on the enduring essence of craftsmanship, two iconic models, marking the brand’s return, embody the pinnacle of functional elegance.

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The Indianola, priced at $448 USD, is revered as “the ultimate all-around shoe,” a versatile piece aligning with various attire from formal suits to casual shorts. Crafted with a leather upper complemented by a comfort flex sole, burnished toe cap, and flat, waxed cotton shoe laces, the Indianola epitomizes comfort and style.

The second adornment in this return is the Paglia moto boot, a $498 USD embodiment of rugged grace, featuring distressed cowhide and dark brown overdyed pebbled leather. Adorned with an antique brass zipper branded with Reid’s signature ribbon stripe, the Paglia moto boot is a testament to Billy Reid’s unwavering attention to detail.

Billy Reid returns to footwear
The Indianola chukka boot. ©Photo: Billy Reid

These selections reflect Reid’s impeccable taste and his adeptness at marrying traditional craftsmanship with modern design elements. They will be available on Thursday on the Billy Reid website and in select stores, marking a momentous occasion for the Alabama-based designer and footwear aficionados alike.

We are excited to get our footwear production back on track with our longtime factory partners in Italy. We are bringing back a few of our favorites from the archives in limited runs as we relaunch the category. We will continue to expand our offerings and look forward to sharing our work with you,” Reid expressed with palpable enthusiasm.

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