Blumarine x Modes illuminate the bling horizon

Blumarine x Modes illuminate the bling horizon

September 6, 2023

In the glamorous realm of fashion, where collaborations often echo the dynamic pulse of the industry, Blumarine‘s latest partnership with the elite Italian luxury retailer, Modes, is nothing short of stellar. Christened “The Bling Utility,” the collection beckons to the style aficionado with a penchant for romance, yet yearning for that Y2K edginess. As the fashion calendar turns its gaze to the upcoming Spring/Summer collections, Blumarine x Modes promises a rendezvous with luxury, nostalgia, and forward-looking design.

Under the refined vision of Nicola Brognano, Blumarine’s creative director since 2019, the brand has been reborn with a harmonious blend of its time-honored romantic essence and the Y2K flair. “The Bling Utility” Blumarine x Modes capsule showcases this ethos impeccably. Brognano’s design prowess is evident in the curated 10-item lineup – from the light wool pieces such as a blazer jacket with a dazzling display of rhinestone embroidery to a chic denim set, an ensemble which captures the contemporary spirit, combining sparkling cargo pants with a matching bra adorned with 3D rough-cut roses.

Delving deeper into the collection, Blumarine’s iconic Bluvi cardigan gets a modern twist. It’s transformed with oversized silhouettes, and the elegance of merino wool is accentuated by an eco-fur collar. Meanwhile, shimmering rose embroideries gracefully waltz over a tulle t-shirt, and a ruffled dress in shiny jersey and georgette promises to be a statement piece for those evening soirées.

Brognano emphasized, “I aimed for a capsule collection that flawlessly expresses the idea of a new kind of utility wear: hyperfeminine, glamorous and unexpected.” The designer’s dedication to Blumarine’s essence shines through when he speaks of the materials, which he describes as “selected and precious,” and the silhouettes that “compliment every figure.” The collection, draped in hues of denim blue, light pink, burgundy, and vivacious red, is Brognano’s love letter to the brand’s cherished elements.

Launching on September 21st, the same day as Blumarine’s Spring/Summer 2024 runway spectacle in Milan Fashion Week, “The Bling Utility” is poised to captivate the discerning fashionista. But exclusivity is the name of the game, as this collection will only grace the shelves of select Modes boutiques in Milan, Paris, St. Moritz, Switzerland and Cagliari in Sardinia, and of course, the digital portals of both Blumarine and Modes.

Tracing the illustrious history of Modes, the luxury retailer has grown exponentially since its humble beginnings as Stefania Mode in Sicily, 1971. Today, with more than 20 stores under its banner, Modes has established itself as a beacon of luxury and style.

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