Burberry Pre-Fall 2022

Burberry Pre-Fall 2022

January 13, 2022

Riccardo Tisci is inaugurating a new format for his pre-collections for Burberry, introducing a new collaborator each season in a new series called “Friends and Family”.

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The first guest star of this series is Lea T, a friend of Tisci who has appeared on numerous occasions in the campaigns and who walked the Spring/Summer 2021 runway show. Tisci described Lea T – very close to the Italian designer whose T in her stage name Lea T winks at T of Tisci, the 40-year-old Brazilian model is one of the first openly transgender models and a LGBTI+ advocate, as “someone who is able to balance fierce femininity and an effortlessly gentle romantic softness”.

Inspired by both physical and personal freedom, the collection celebrates individual expression through fashion.

The oversized and languid looks are expressed through the legacy of the venerable British luxury house. Thus, the iconic Burberry trench coat has been revisited as a cardigan or with geometric prints and non-traditional fabrics. There are also a lot of cargo pants, technical hiking jackets, tees and sweatshirts adorned with prints that appeared to be digitally-altered British island maps, shiny leather jackets, oversized ponchos, hiking shoes as well as floor-length skirts.

Creativity means freedom and it is about empathy and communication with others. It is your voice, your identity, something inside you which you want to share with others. So, I was excited about the conversation that would happen when our creative worlds come together and see how their interpretation of my identity comes to life”, explained Riccardo Tisci.