Burberry Resort 2024

Burberry Resort 2024

July 3, 2023

When you first lay your eyes on the Burberry Resort 2024 (Cruise 2024) collection, you immediately recognize the essence of British fashion sophistication. The unmistakable touch of Daniel Lee, the collection’s mastermind, radiates throughout the entire ensemble, creating a fascinating blend of modern quirks and traditional designs.

With its Paris showroom debut, the Burberry Resort 2024 collection draws your attention with pieces that display more than just flashes of genius. The collection stays true to Lee’s maiden London fashion show held last February, with a parade of check prints, rose motifs, and unyieldingly attractive accessories. At the heart of it all lies a captivating blend of classic and whimsical – outlandish trapper hats brushing shoulders with traditional outerwear.

The collection becomes sharper as your eyes follow the closer-to-body shapes. It softens with the embrace of pastel shades, hinting at a gentle summer breeze. There is an undeniable conservative touch to the British wardrobe staples in the collection – trenchcoats, overcoats, car coats, and corduroy-collared field jackets. But, make no mistake, there’s a fresh vitality in each piece that belies this reserved outward appearance.

The Burberry Resort 2024 collection seduces you with a dance of familiar patterns made new. Prince of Wales checks appear as if viewed through a rain-smeared window, subtly blurred, or intriguingly twisted across hefty jacquards. A seemingly naive hand seemingly sketched the argyle patterns on the deep-V neck sweaters. It’s all familiar, yet each glance reveals a refreshing surprise.

A powerful addition to the line-up is the introduction of an oversized houndstooth pattern. Whether its curves wrap around snowboarder knee seams on pants or it remains boldly intact on a sleek car coat, it’s a statement of audacity and style.

Echoing the English countryside are the dandelion prints and the ample use of hunter green, notably seen on leather coats and puffers. In contrast, the shoes from the Burberry Resort 2024 collection bear the unmistakable stamp of Lee, who, in his previous roles, made squishy clutch bags and square-toed shoes fashionable.

The footwear collection captures the imagination with its eclectic hues like lemon sorbet and unique shapes. The riding boots with ankle harnesses, short, chunky-heeled wellies, and zipper-detailed leather mules could easily be this season’s hits.

In a showroom context, it becomes easy to spot Lee’s subtle branding across all categories. The signature Burberry blue adorns snap buttons and cinching hardware, scarf fringe edges pantlegs, flap bags, women’s pumps and the equestrian knight design finds a place on handbag hardware.

The Shield and Knight bags, with their soft and asymmetrical design, may look a tad unconventional on a shelf. However, as a Burberry representative explained, these scrunchable bags are designed to collapse against the body, reflecting the utilitarian nature of a trench coat.

It remains to be seen whether the Peg bags, with their innovative metal clothespin closures, will cause a sensation. But if the rest of the collection is any indication, we might just be on the cusp of a fashion revolution. In the world of fashion, where novelty often struts alongside tradition, Daniel Lee‘s Burberry Resort 2024 collection makes a grand statement.

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