Burberry Resort 2025

Burberry Resort 2025

Daniel Lee's Burberry Resort 2025 collection celebrates the brand's outerwear expertise and draws inspiration from the Yorkshire weather. Innovative techniques and garment dyeing create a functional, stylish wardrobe that honors Burberry's heritage while pushing boundaries.
June 4, 2024

In his Burberry Resort 2025 (Cruise 2025) collection, Daniel Lee celebrates the brand’s outerwear expertise, drawing inspiration from his Yorkshire roots and the iconic trench coat. Masterfully transforming the classic silhouette into a canvas for texture and treatment, Lee uses grainy linen blends in landscape greens and browns for men’s and women’s coats, cargo trousers and belted shirt dresses with trench-inspired collars.

The collection features a range of innovative techniques, from laser-cut daisies on water-repellent suede to shearling bomber jackets patchworked into a diagonal check motif. Lee’s favorites include a cotton coat bonded with layers of technical fabric and garment dyed for a lived-in feel that embodies the Burberry spirit of practicality and durability.

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Garment dyeing is a recurring theme throughout the collection, applied to cashmere sweaters, waxed jackets and classic tailoring in traditional menswear fabrics. The technique channels the inverted snobbery of a British country squire’s well-worn attire, while peacoats in a patchwork of tweed and herringbone wool nod to Savile Row regulars.

Lee also incorporates playful, directional pieces, such as shearling jackets with tubular vines at the neck and sleeves that resemble twisted ribbons of gift wrap. These whimsical touches, along with updated versions of the pussy-bow blouse, add a touch of levity to the collection.

With a focus on functionality and style, Burberry’s Resort 2025 collection makes a compelling case for embracing the temperamental British weather with an extra layer of sartorial sophistication. Lee’s designs pay homage to the brand’s heritage while pushing the boundaries of innovation, creating a wardrobe that transitions seamlessly from the countryside to the city streets.

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