Milan Fashion Week welcomes Calzedonia’s dazzling debut
©Photo: Calzedonia

Milan Fashion Week welcomes Calzedonia’s dazzling debut

September 1, 2023

For those eagerly anticipating the runway vibes of Milan Fashion Week, the inclusion of Calzedonia’s theatrical “Legs Show” is set to add an unexpected twist. Drawing from their profound legacy, the Verona-rooted innerwear mogul is orchestrating a fashion fête that promises to blend the realms of hosiery and high-fashion into one unforgettable soirée.

In the upcoming Milan Fashion Week, dated September 19th, Calzedonia plans to elevate tights from a mere accessory to a statement piece through an event that dares to be different. This Calzedomania spectacle, scheduled at the renowned Allianz MiCo convention center, is not just about showcasing products. It’s an ode to legs – a tribute to their allure, strength, and grace.

This immersive event beckons attendees with a promise of live performances, each capturing the essence of Calzedonia’s hosiery collection. The event marks its sophomore edition, following the premiere of “Calzedomania – A Legs Celebration” in Paris on September 26th of the previous year, aligning with the city’s esteemed fashion week. In collaboration with event maestro Villa Eugénie, Palais Brongniart transformed into a realm beyond standard runways, honoring hosiery through an immersive art installation and showcasing contortionists gracefully interacting with a captivating light display.

But for Calzedonia, Italy has always been home. The company’s 2017 event in Verona was graced by the likes of Julia Roberts, while their Rimini-based summer show in 2013 saw the iconic Sarah Jessica Parker in the guest list.

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