Carolina Herrera Fall-Winter 2024 - New York Fashion Week

Carolina Herrera Fall/Winter 2024 – New York Fashion Week

Manhattan's skyline meets fashion's future: Carolina Herrera's Fall/Winter 2024 soars with architectural glamour, unexpected power, and a touch of Madame X.
February 15, 2024

Imagine Manhattan’s skyline, sharp and chic, translated into fashion. That’s the essence of Carolina Herrera‘s Fall/Winter 2024 collection, unveiled high above the city on the 41st floor with breathtaking views. The location hinted at the architectural inspiration behind Wes Gordon’s powerful and glamorous vision.


Gone are the days of femininity defined by softness alone. Gordon boldly declares, “Beauty is strength, and strength is beauty.” This season, Herrera women exude confidence and grace with a dose of controlled drama. Structured pieces reminiscent of the 1930s and 1980s reign supreme, from winged sleeves on little black dresses to conical skirts on ball gowns. But Gordon doesn’t stop there. He caters to the everyday too, offering a sleek zip-front tunic in selvedge denim and effortlessly chic black-and-white trench coats.

Gordon’s mastery of color shines through, mixing unexpected yet harmonious shades. Imagine a black skinny pant paired with a blush cummerbund, a sheer fig turtleneck, and fiery red patent leather shoes. “The conversation between the four colors is the drama,” he explains. This season celebrates beauty in its diverse forms, both bold and soft, reminding us that true confidence comes from embracing oneself fully.


Adding to the electrifying atmosphere was Demi Moore, whose presence resonated with Gordon’s theme. Moore, known for portraying strong and unconventional women, embodies the collection’s spirit of shattering stereotypes. The soundtrack featuring music from Sofia Vergara‘s series “Griselda” further reinforced this message, highlighting women who rewrite the rules.

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Don’t worry, Herrera’s signature feminine touches haven’t disappeared. Ruffles, big sleeves, and florals, beloved by the iconic Carolina Herrera herself (present in a stunning violet pantsuit), are playfully interspersed with sharp, architectural designs. Imagine a turtleneck and cigarette pants paired with an asymmetrical skirt cascading down one leg, or a denim basque-hip tank and palazzo pants, proving that casual can be chic.

Even eveningwear gets a contemporary twist. Hoop-skirt dresses are reimagined without layers of tulle, making them lighter and more wearable. But the pièce de résistance is a slender black gown with a plunging neckline, channeling the enigmatic allure of Madame X, another woman who defied expectations.

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©Photo: Carolina Herrera