Celine Spring-Summer 2024

Celine Spring/Summer 2024

Explore Celine's ‘’Tomboy’’ collection for Spring/Summer 2024 through Hedi Slimane's artistic lens, set in the historic Bibliothèque Nationale in France. Experience a blend of vintage and modern, capturing youthful vigor and timeless fashion.
October 27, 2023

The budding blossoms of Spring/Summer 2024 bring a breath of fresh, vintage air as Celine unveils its ‘’Tomboy’’ collection. With a touch of a spring semester student immersed in the academics of l’université, Hedi Slimane portrays a vintage edge that speaks volumes of youthful vigor. The scene is set in the historic heart of France, at the Bibliothèque Nationale, which stands tall across the street from the Celine ateliers and embodies the serene essence of France’s venerable cultural heritage.

The unveiling of the collection is captured through Slimane’s lens as he follows the models as they navigate the orderly rows of desks, walk among artistic masterpieces, and venture through the library’s grand, book-lined halls. The walk continues into the cobbled courtyard, a fragment of history that went from royal to national after the revolution of the late 18th century.

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As the models strut in knee-high cowboy boots, chunky lace-ups, sneakers or sturdy shearling boots, they echo the rhythm of today’s youth, marching to an original soundtrack commissioned by Slimane. LCD Soundsystem’s “Too Much Love” accompanies their steps, adding a modern beat to the vintage ambiance. Leather headphones swing around her neck, a special effort by Celine in collaboration with Master & Dynamic, symbolizing the fusion of old and new.

Sunglasses are in almost every ensemble, perhaps a nod to the youthful revelry of the night before. And then there’s the new Victoire bag, a rectangular wonder with a chain handle and the traditional Triomphe logo, which makes its debut with an attitude of elegance.

Throughout the collection, there is a cool, composed demeanor, a signature that Slimane has perfected over the decades. The spring lineup features a variety of designs – roomy tailored jackets, some with patched elbows; boxy cropped jackets; flared jeans; and the tiniest of minis. The variety continues with pleats, plaids and a leopard print ensemble paired with a matching tailored jacket.

A touch of vintage creativity shines through a cream slip dress with a crocheted top, a fuzzy leopard print coat, sheer lace blouses or corset-style tops. These delicate pieces are paired with jeans or tucked under shrunken chubbies and tracksuit tops.

The couture element is strong with an embroidered bustier dress that shimmers like a golden sunburst, handcrafted to perfection with thousands of sequins. Slimane pairs an oversized black leather bomber with a metallic mesh minidress handcrafted with crochet and embroidery techniques-a dreamy ensemble, albeit far out of a student’s budget. Through Celine’s Spring/Summer 2024 ‘’Tomboy’’ collection, the past finds a voice amidst today’s couture, telling a story of timeless fashion seamlessly woven with contemporary creativity.

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