Chanel Fall-Winter 2024 - Paris Fashion Week

Chanel Fall/Winter 2024 – Paris Fashion Week

Virginie Viard's Chanel Fall/Winter 2024 collection blends classic Chanel codes with modern touches, offering relaxed elegance and a touch of 70s rebellion for the confident woman.
March 6, 2024

Virginie Viard’s Chanel Fall/Winter 2024 collection unveiled during Paris Fashion Week embodied a captivating blend of eras, channeling the spirit of Coco Chanel’s revolutionary designs with a dash of 1920s flair and a sprinkle of 1970s nostalgia. The show paid homage to the classic French film “A Man and a Woman” with a black-and-white short film featuring Brad Pitt and Penélope Cruz, further solidifying the theme of revisiting the past.

Viard’s vision translated beautifully into the clothing. Slim, belted tweed coats in sunset hues evoked a relaxed allure, while cozy sweaters – some featuring charming details like pearl buttons and Normandy-inspired landscapes – exuded a timeless elegance. The collection also embraced a playful side with Bowie-esque culottes and a gold lamé skirt suit, catering to those who favor a more daring aesthetic.

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Viard’s masterful touch was evident in the way she seamlessly blended decades. Hints of the 1920s emerged in middy-collared blouses, while pastel tweed skirt suits whispered of a bygone era. This eclectic mix offered something for everyone, from romantic boho maxi dresses to a sleek black leather jumpsuit, solidifying the collection’s universal appeal.

Despite a few distracting floppy hats, the overall effect was one of Viard’s most cohesive creations to date. The androgynous allure felt refreshingly current, a testament to Chanel’s enduring legacy in blurring the lines of masculinity and femininity. This collection marked a significant moment for Viard, showcasing her ability to not only honor the house’s heritage but also confidently steer it into the future.

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