Chanel Métiers d’Art 2023-2024 steers towards Manchester, England
Chanel Métiers d’Art 2022-2023 in Dakar, Senegal / ©Photo: Chanel

Chanel Métiers d’Art 2023/2024 steers towards Manchester, England

July 24, 2023

Unveiling the curtain of the fashion world’s anticipations, the iconic French luxury brand Chanel is steering its course towards a historic destination. In a brilliant fusion of tradition and innovation, the Chanel Métiers d’Art 2023/2024 (also known as Pre-Fall 2024) show finds its next stage in the heart of the 19th century’s industrial revolution – Manchester, England.

When it comes to destination fashion shows, luxury brands like Chanel are defying geographical confines and exploring novel territories. Beyond the flourishing mega-cities of Asia, fashion powerhouses are turning their gazes towards diverse cities. Manchester, known as “Cottonopolis” during its zenith in the cotton industry, is now the chosen landscape for Chanel’s latest Métiers d’Art collection. Scheduled for December 7th, this destination, rich in textile history, echoes the brand’s association with Scottish tweed, recently spotlighted in a high jewelry collection in London.

Chanel has consistently paraded its Métiers d’Art line across global cities, from Tokyo to New York, Shanghai to Rome, marking its presence as far as Dakar, Senegal – the first European luxury brand to stage a show in sub-Saharan Africa. “These collections bear witness to Chanel’s historic commitment to exceptional artisanal heritage and its worldwide influence“, says the brand, emphasising the inspiration derived from these diverse locations.

While the exact reason for choosing Manchester remains undisclosed by Chanel, it’s noteworthy that the brand operates a shop-in-shop at the Manchester branch of Selfridges. This decision also resonates with the brand’s founder, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s British connections, specifically through her relationships with Arthur “Boy” Capel and Hugh Grosvenor, the second Duke of Westminster. Eaton Hall, Grosvenor’s estate in Cheshire, about 50 miles southwest of Manchester, was among Chanel‘s frequent British stops.

The Métiers d’Art collections are an homage to the specialty ateliers Chanel has gathered under its Paraffection subsidiary. From the eminent embroiderer and tweed-maker Lesage to feather- and flower-maker Lemarié, milliner Maison Michel, and goldsmith Goossens, these artisans are stationed at Le19M, a marvel of architecture by Rudy Ricciotti situated north of Paris. Here, Chanel’s craftsmanship and heritage intermingle, creating unique narratives for each collection.

While fashion enthusiasts mark their calendars for the grand unveiling in Manchester, Chanel has a further treat in store. On November 2nd, the brand will host its first significant event in China since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, a repeat of the Cruise 2024 (Resort 2024) collection in Shenzhen.

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