Christopher John Rogers Resort 2022

Christopher John Rogers Resort 2022

June 1, 2021

By focusing on enjoyment and reinventing customer favorites, Christopher John Rogers wanted to evoke a feeling of optimism for his Resort 2022 collection.

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I wanted it to be visceral and come from my heart. I felt like we’ve developed so many house signatures we didn’t need to reference a specific era or themes. This was more about cutting clothes and providing people with opportunities to enjoy dressing up”, said Rogers.

Thus, the designer honed in on historic fashion silhouettes and codes but at the same time, keeping his pieces so incredibly fresh.

His collection was full of color-blocking, beautiful jacquard suits, Italian twill dresses, silk faille wide-leg trousers, and stunning slip dresses evoking the spirit of Studio 54.

Sections of the collection were devoted to variations of punchy colors like slime green and tangerine orange, while rainbow prints with an optical illusion vibe made their way onto various separates. This gradual exploration of specific colors and patterns kept things playful. Rogers went out of his way to make each piece feel special. He wanted his pieces to trigger an emotional response in those who wear them, one that challenges the ephemerality of fashion’s seasonal cycle. “We want these to be things our customers cherish, that they can wear and live in”, he said. “These aren’t pieces you wear once and forget; they’re meant to be treasured, clothes that can grow and evolve with you over time”.


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