Cindy Bruna x Aubade launch a lingerie and nightwear capsule
Cindy Bruna. ©Photo: Aubade

Cindy Bruna x Aubade launch a lingerie and nightwear capsule

Cindy Bruna x Aubade: A collaboration that celebrates the beauty and individuality of women. Bold designs, versatility and a focus on personalization.
December 29, 2023

French lingerie specialist Aubade has teamed up with top model Cindy Bruna for a capsule collection that celebrates the confidence and uniqueness of every woman. The 14-piece line features bold cuts, layering and a modern take on classic silhouettes.


The collection is inspired by the duality of a woman’s power and sensuality. The Sumptuous Waves line embodies the former with strong, architectural lines and empowering designs. The “Midnight Storm” line, on the other hand, taps into the latter with its flowing fabrics, delicate details and a touch of mystery.

Bruna and Aubade wanted the collection to be versatile, allowing women to wear it both day and night. The pieces can also be layered to create different looks to suit a wide range of personal styles.


Prices for the Cindy Bruna x Aubade collection start at €80 euros for a tanga and go up to €450 euros for the catsuit. Bras are priced at around €150 euros. The collection will be available in sizes up to G cup in some bra styles, with bottoms ranging from XS to XXL and nightwear from XS to XL.

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This is the first time that Aubade has collaborated with a fashion celebrity rather than a designer or another brand. The decision to partner with Bruna came on the heels of the brand’s brand refresh in April, which emphasized its “Live Your Desire” message.

[Bruna’s] message of empowerment resonates with Aubade’s brand identity,” said Samar Vignals, brand and product director at Aubade. “She is a strong woman who is sensual, empowered, sophisticated and multicultural.”

Bruna herself is excited about the collaboration, calling it “a true celebration of self-confidence and the uniqueness of every woman, every curve“. She added that she has always admired Aubade lingerie after seeing her mother and sister wear it.

The Cindy Bruna x Aubade collection will be presented at the International Lingerie Show in Paris from January 20th to 22nd. It will go on sale in June with the first deliveries of fall 2024 at Aubade stores and retailers.

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