Courrèges Fall-Winter 2023 - Paris Fashion Week

Courrèges Fall/Winter 2023 – Paris Fashion Week

March 4, 2023

The recent Courrèges fashion show, helmed by creative director Nicolas Di Felice, was a mesmerizing blend of technology and style. As smoke wafted from the floor of the all-white venue, the first model stepped onto the runway, her face illuminated by the LED screen of her phone. This served as a nod to Di Felice’s musings on the impact of technology on our lives and how we spend our time with our devices.

With a star-studded front row featuring Emily Ratajkowski, Julia Fox, Tyga, Avril Lavigne and Lisa Rinna, the Fall/Winter 2023 show was poised to make headlines. Di Felice’s designs, which included armhole slits in hoodies, leather motorcycle jackets, tweed coats, and vinyl cabans, aimed to reflect on our changing attitudes towards technology and communication. A Siri-like AI voice repeatedly asked “Is the sky blue?” on the soundtrack, reminding us to take a step back and appreciate the world around us.

Di Felice’s expertise in creating body-baring garments for young women was evident in the collection, which started off in shades of black and gray, before giving way to pops of red and pink. The show concluded with a series of shimmering silver and iridescent sequined dresses, suspended from wire necklaces and adorned with circular mirrored pendants. As the spotlight hit the models, it appeared as if they were emitting energy, symbolizing the inner light that technology can often obscure.