Courrèges Spring/Summer 2024 – Paris Fashion Week

Nicolas Di Felice's Spring/Summer 2024 for Courrèges is a symphony of contrasts, weaving fierce confidence with delicate elegance, inspired by the haunting beauty of Marfa's expansive landscapes, defining a bold yet graceful femininity.
September 28, 2023
Courrèges Spring Summer 2024 - Paris Fashion Week

A dance between precision and relaxation marks CourrègesSpring/Summer 2024 collection, conceived under the artful hands of Nicolas Di Felice. This era sees a magnificent transition, a testament to the three vibrant years of Di Felice’s leadership at the iconic fashion house. Inspired by a soul-stirring journey through the sun-drenched expanses of Marfa, Texas, this collection paints a canvas where meticulous tailoring meets effortless grace, and fierce confidence is sewn into every stitch.

Nicolas Di Felice’s transformation is nothing short of a mesmerizing dance, as precision meets languor. This unveiling draws its inspiration from an aesthetic epiphany birthed in the heated embrace of Marfa’s vast, arid terrains. A collection not just seen, but profoundly felt, encapsulating an audacious femininity that strides confidently against the backdrop of the enigmatic Texan deserts.

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Every piece in Courrèges’ Spring/Summer 2024 line is an eloquent narrative of this sojourn. Models adorned in slouchy oversized sweatshirts, twisted shirtdresses, and half-tucked t-shirts epitomize a relaxed yet compelling elegance. Each step on the white square, blanketed with dried paint, echoes the invigorating crunch of Marfa’s desert under the majestic Texas sun.

Di Felice, painting with a pallet enriched by the landscapes and silhouettes of Texas, sketches fierce, confident women who find solace and strength in their attire. A metamorphosis is evident in the biker pants, adorned with buckles; they narrate a tale of robust coolness. Yet, this is tenderly balanced by sensual necklines and midriff-exposing circular cutouts, drawing the beholder into a dance of contrasts.

A leather jacket, meticulously crafted to unveil the collarbone, lends testimony to an emerging trend that Paris ardently echoes. The scalloped hems of bell-sleeved coats and bustier dresses graze flared pants, artistically slit at the thigh, marking the artful intimacy of revelation and concealment.

Since Nicolas Di Felice’s orchestration of the Space Age label’s rebirth in 2020, a radiant resurgence is witnessed. Celestial beings like Dua Lipa, Rosalía, and Beyoncé have been graced by the essence of Courrèges. Each piece, not just attire but a testament to a profound artistry that’s deeply entrenched in the tapestry of creation and expression.

This collection, a poetic dance of fabrics and silhouettes, is a ballad of fierce and tender, strong and soft. Each attire is not a garment but an experience, inviting the wearer into a world where deserts bloom and silence narrates the most profound tales. Every stitch, cut, and drape of the Spring/Summer 2024 collection is a sonnet, a lingering whisper of the relentless, untamable spirit of Courrèges, echoing the unyielding vitality of women who are as fierce as the Texan sun, and as enigmatic as the silent, sprawling deserts.

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©Photo: Courrèges