Daniëlle Cathari becomes Kith Women's first Creative director
Daniëlle Cathari. ©Photo: Daniëlle Cathari

Daniëlle Cathari becomes Kith Women’s first Creative director

Daniëlle Cathari joins Kith Women as its first Women's Creative director, bringing innovative design to the brand's expansion into women's fashion with a unique store experience and new collection.
December 13, 2023

Kith Women is taking a bold step forward by welcoming Daniëlle Cathari as its first Women’s Creative director. This exciting development marks a significant shift in the brand’s evolution and underscores its commitment to the burgeoning women’s fashion segment. Known for its magnetic appeal in men’s fashion, Kith is now poised to enchant the women’s market with Cathari’s visionary leadership.


Daniëlle Cathari, an Amsterdam-based designer, brings a fresh perspective to Kith Women. Her remarkable career began with a bang at New York Fashion Week 2017, where she emerged as the first student to win the V-Files Runway. Since then, Cathari’s journey has been nothing short of inspiring. Her collaborations with top brands like adidas Originals and New Balance showcase her ability to blend traditional styles with innovative designs, making her an ideal fit for Kith Women. She will work alongside Kith Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Creative director Ronnie Fieg and the Kith Women team.

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The expansion of Kith Women under Cathari’s leadership is a strategic move. The brand’s new store at 644 Broadway in SoHo, New York is a testament to its commitment to providing a unique shopping experience. Located in a historic Queen Anne/Romanesque Revival building, the store offers an array of apparel, accessories and footwear. Its design, with Venetian plaster walls and suede wallpaper, reflects the brand’s luxurious aesthetic.

Daniëlle Cathari becomes Kith Women's first Creative director
Kith Women’s new SoHo store exterior. ©Photo: Kith

In addition, Kith Women’s collaboration with PlantShed, a New York-based flower and plant retailer, introduces an in-store café and green space. This addition is not only a nod to retail trends, but also a way to create a holistic shopping experience for customers. The café will open two hours earlier than the retail space every day.

Cathari‘s role at Kith Women goes beyond curating fashion pieces. Her vision is to create a brand identity that resonates with the modern woman. The Winter Monogram 2023 collection, which includes a range of outerwear, shirts, pants and accessories, is a showcase of this vision. The collection will be available at Kith’s stores and online platforms at 11 a.m. EST on Friday, offering a glimpse into the future of women’s fashion under Cathari’s leadership.

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