Discover the Rabanne H&M collection ahead of its official launch

Discover the Rabanne H&M collection ahead of its official launch

The Rabanne H&M collaboration, curated by Julien Dossena, fuses haute couture and sustainability to create a vibrant, timeless collection for men, women and home, available worldwide from November 9th.
November 5, 2023

The unveiling of the Rabanne H&M collection has set the fashion world abuzz. Julien Dossena has once again captured the attention of fashion enthusiasts around the world. Hot on the heels of his haute couture collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier in July, Dossena unveiled his spectacular Ibiza in the 70s collection for Rabanne. The event, a glamorous and sultry pool party, took place at the prestigious Silencio in Paris and attracted an exclusive crowd to celebrate the launch of this groundbreaking collaboration.

A maximalist’s dream, the collection is inspired by Rabanne‘s space-age modernism and enriched by the designer’s penchant for provocation. Both women and men can indulge in the bold offerings, which do not shy away from paying homage to the house’s iconic pieces, including the “disc-o-rama” dress. The collection includes a dazzling array of gold, silver and purple glitter, sequined loungewear, a statement suit-jumpsuit hybrid, a military jacket with gold embroidery and a geometric jacquard “flame” set that takes us straight back to the decadent ’70s.

Julien Dossena expressed his desire to create a collection that is generous, hedonistic, bright, playful, effortless and timeless. He highlighted how the collaboration found common ground in its pursuit of sophistication, quality and meticulous attention to craftsmanship. “We really wanted a collection that was generous, playful, light, effortless and timeless,” Dossena shared, emphasizing the aligned aspirations of Rabanne and H&M to create something extraordinary.

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Embracing Rabanne’s iconic style was a formidable challenge for H&M’s creatives. H&M’s Ann-Sofie Johansson admitted to initial doubts about whether such a feat could be achieved. She explained how her team worked to reimagine techniques like hand-crocheted metal in the most sustainable way possible, focusing on recycled aluminum, polyester and rhinestones. “We love these kinds of challenges, and we wanted to do it right and push our craftsmanship as far as we could. In the end, it was a collective effort,” said Johansson.

The collaboration aims to make the Rabanne wardrobe accessible to both new and previous generations. Dossena emphasized the importance of situating the brand in today’s context and ensuring the longevity of the garments, accessories and jewelry. The collection features a touch of Americana with silver cowboy boots, gold flats, bucolic shirts straight out of a western, belt scarves and faux diamond jeans for a total Elvis-in-Vegas look. There are also fringed silver mesh helmets, sequined swimwear, mesh pendants and glittery handbags.

The collaboration extends beyond fashion to include a variety of home décor items. From ultra-shiny cocktail tables and mesh curtains to rugs, pillows and scented candles, there is something for everyone. With 31 pieces, this is H&M Home’s most extensive designer collection to date.

Commenting on the collection, Julien Dossena celebrated Paco Rabanne’s radical approach to design and innovative use of materials, and expressed his pleasure in exploring these dimensions. He is most inspired when he sees individuals who combine the bold with the classic, transforming themselves into the epitome of cool. “Paco Rabanne was a genius in his radical approach to design and his use of innovative materials, so I was excited to explore this dimension,” concludes Dossena.

The Rabanne H&M collaboration for men, women and home will be available worldwide on from November 9th.

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