Dsquared2 Resort 2024

Dsquared2 Resort 2024

May 28, 2023

Fashion never remains stagnant, but instead, it’s an ongoing swirl of creativity, contradiction, and individuality. This continuous evolution resonates perfectly with the mantra of Dan and Dean Caten, the trailblazing designers of Dsquared2. As the world leans into the minimalist aesthetics of “quiet luxury“, the twins are heading in a different direction. Dsquared2 Resort 2024 (Cruise 2024) defies prevailing fashion trends, forging its own path in a realm where excess meets urban grit, and the outcome is nothing short of exhilarating.

In a recent interview, the Caten twins shared their aversion towards the industry’s ongoing tailoring and bohemian trends. “When they zig, we zag“, they commented with a smile. True to their word, Dsquared2 Resort 2024 reveals a distinct departure from the monotonous parade of tailored suits and bohemian frocks.

In place of such norms, the collection revels in the raw dynamism of the urban landscape. Clothing racks are teeming with low-slung baggy cargos in XXL sizes, heavily washed and hybridized denim incorporating elements from both sportswear and everyday attire. Think sweatpants and hoodies intertwined with tight-fit racer jeans and truck jackets. Add to this a healthy dose of sexy cropped tops, miniskirts lavishly decorated with Swarovski fringes, and corseted minidresses, and you have a collection that embodies the unapologetic exuberance of the Catens’ world.

The duo succinctly summarized the collection as a homage to the “cheeky, streety, super-hot chicks from the burbs”. The ladies of Dsquared2 Resort 2024 are not the typical yoga-loving, peace-seeking sort. They revel in adrenaline-fueled activities like boxing, car racing, and motocross. These high-octane interests are reflected in their attire: an eclectic blend of sportswear, street-style basics, twisted varsity uniforms, and nocturnal glamour.

An unexpected blend of characters also pervades the menswear line, echoing the ladies’ brash and audacious style. Gender norms blur as both men and women strut their stuff in a shared language of bold fashion. The collection is adorned with patches featuring the iconic cartoon character Betty Boop, while denim items are enhanced with graffiti, studded logos, and black crystals. These elements add a playful touch to the streetwear ethos of the collection.

Speaking about this direction, the Caten twins stated, “It’s back to our roots – hotter, spicier, punchier”. A clear dismissal of romantic themes in favor of a tougher, more grounded approach to fashion. Dsquared2 Resort 2024 is a love letter to the audacious, the daring, and the unconventional, proving once again that in the world of fashion, individuality and creativity reign supreme.

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