Dunhill Fall Winter 2020 Campaign

Dunhill Fall/Winter 2020 Campaign

Dunhill’s Fall/Winter 2020 campaign appropriately carries the title, ‘’The New Wave’’, as it shows the continued evolution of the famed fashion house. The vision of Dunhill’s creative director Mark Weston plays out with a collection that portrays a cacophony of cultures and styles. It is a celebration of individuality and freedom, two values that the brand has held since its inception.

This season’s campaign offers a glimpse backstage with models Alexandr Kuznetsovkz, Winston Lawrence, Paavo Pakkanen, and Daan Duez. The models embody Dunhill’s interpretation of the modern gentleman.

The man in this collection is a cross between the preppy and the new wave, the establishment and the anti-establishment – it is not about making purely singular characters. Instead, it is about taking all those elements and putting them together, reconstructing and recontextualising

Mark Weston
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