Duran Lantink Fall-Winter 2024 - Paris Fashion Week

Duran Lantink Fall/Winter 2024 – Paris Fashion Week

Duran Lantink's Fall/Winter 2024 collection reimagines traditional winter attire, introducing avant-garde elements and unconventional volumes and by blending streetwear with high fashion and integrating playful exposure.
March 5, 2024

Known for his adventurous approach to design, Duran Lantink has taken traditional winter wear, with his Fall/Winter 2024 collection, and reimagined it with a bold new vision. His latest creations, revealed to a fascinated audience, underscore his ability to blend streetwear with high fashion, all while maintaining a playful edge.


The Dutch designer, renowned for his unique interpretations of fabric and form, challenges conventional silhouettes by incorporating voluminous structures into his garments. Unlike the typical, flowy volumes we’re accustomed to, Lantink’s designs feature a distinctive rigidity. This season, he has masterfully redefined skiwear, transforming it through the use of his signature foam padding which adds an unconventional volume to the outfits.

His designs cleverly play with visibility, as seen in skirts that boast transparent panels juxtaposed with more reserved, thigh-high socks. This approach showcases his penchant for cheeky exposure while retaining a sense of sophistication.


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The influence of ski culture on Lantink’s collection is palpable, yet he seamlessly merges this with elements of power dressing. The result is a striking distortion of the body’s proportions, creating an almost sculptural form. Dramatic shoulders and exaggerated busts on knit bodysuits redefine traditional notions of the bustier, offering a fresh perspective on femininity and power.

Lantink’s exploration of his brand’s identity continues to evolve. He aims to establish a wardrobe that transcends conventional wearability, as evidenced by his eclectic mix of ruby girdle shorts paired with cropped puffer jackets and uniquely puffed knitwear. This commitment to innovation has not gone unnoticed, as seen by the brand’s recent adoption by prestigious retailers like Dover Street Market.

Reflecting on his fall show’s success, Lantink recounts the intensive preparation and the opportunity to present his vision to the influential jury at the LVMH Prize. This event marked a significant moment for the designer, who had previously been a finalist in 2019. The attention to detail and the laborious process behind the exaggerated shapes of his garments underscore Lantink’s dedication to his craft.

Moreover, the collection speaks to those who dare to be different. The incorporation of unusual materials, such as undyed shearling and upcycled puffer nylons, not only demonstrates Lantink’s commitment to sustainability but also his skill in creating compelling narratives through clothing. His ability to cater to both the romantic thinker and the pragmatic consumer highlights the versatile appeal of his designs.

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©Photo: Duran Lantink