Etro Fall Winter 2021 - Milan Fashion Week

Etro Fall/Winter 2021 – Milan Fashion Week

March 4, 2021

Veronica Etro felt the need to get out of her comfort zone and further distance herself from her bohemian aesthetic as she did for Spring/Summer 2021, but by exploring the concept of freedom and self-expression.

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And her inspirations came from two men, apparently with little in common: Rudolf Nureyev and Jimi Hendrix. ‘’And I don’t think of them as men, but rather, I take cues from their aesthetic and their lifestyle’’, she said.

Nureyev’s sophistication met Jimi Hendrix’s indie style with his languid embroidered robe coats, fringed blazers and evening vest dresses. The result was a wardrobe of special pieces but at the same time real characterized by a loose and comfortable silhouette.

Prints took cues from Russian ballet’s motifs and geometric intarsia, juxtaposed with the embroideries of Nureyev’s costumes that Etro founder Gerolamo Etro held onto for over 30 years. Hendrix’s influence made its mark on the collection through upholstery patterns, embroidered coats, fringed blazers, vest dresses and tiger prints.

No matter the look, though, the collection sought to imbue the concept of freedom of dressing however one may please. ‘’In this collection, in specific, I made pieces for everyday life that are special but at the same time real and easy to match’’, said Veronica Etro. ‘’It’s a relaxed collection that wants to celebrate freedom’’.