Ferrari Spring Summer 2022

Ferrari Spring/Summer 2022

June 20, 2021

It was an unexpected runway! In order to diversify its offers and to offer the label’s diehard fans as well as a potential new group of customers – women and the younger generation – a collection that would be instantly recognizable, Ferrari stepped into the fashion world by holding a runway in Maranello, Italy, the manufacturer’s historic headquarters. A courageous decision, accelerated with the appointment in 2019 of Rocco Iannone, the veteran of Giorgio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana and former creative director of Pal Zileri, whom Ferrari hired as its creative director of fashion.

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Rocco Iannone’s collection was impressive, comprising 52 looks, of which 80% were unisex. The intricately created and carefully thought-out collection akin to haute couture made subtle references to its heritage and the competitive nature of the races.

The perfect outfits were suitable both in town and to wear to any Formula 1 race.

In this collection as desirable as it is daring, Iannone has used a variety of fabrics, as well as more technical ones like carbon fiber, to create powerful, comfortable, flowing and often fashionably oversized looks. The silhouettes were inspired by the anatomy of Ferrari’s supercars, with touches referring to the iconography of the house, drawn from its rich archives. Partners like Puma and Ray-Ban provided sneakers and sunglasses featuring highly recognizable Ferrari motifs.