Gucci Cosmos touches down in London

Gucci Cosmos touches down in London

July 25, 2023

This autumn, Gucci Cosmos winds its way to the storied city of London, beckoning both fervent fashion enthusiasts and curious onlookers to embark on a journey through a century of sartorial elegance.

This roving panorama of glamour, Gucci Cosmos, previously graced Shanghai with its resplendence, casting a spell of awe and fascination over the city’s West Bund. Held within the rugged expanse of a repurposed aircraft factory, it made its impressive debut in April and waved its last Shanghai farewell on June 25th. The narrative it unspooled was steeped in the illustrious 102-year history of Gucci, a luxurious palette of the brand’s most iconic designs unfurling before riveted spectators.

On its way to 180 Studios, London (October 11th – December 31st), the exhibition is set to undergo a magical transformation. Es Devlin, the British artist who originally spun this enchanting tapestry of artistry into existence, will infuse the London edition with fresh elements. Her imaginative sets, multimedia artworks, and colossal sculptures, conceived as a tribute to the city’s rich heritage, will intermingle with Gucci‘s timeless allure to create a dynamic dialogue between the two.

The significance of London in Gucci’s epic tale is as profound as it is poetic. Guccio Gucci, the brand’s founder, was inspired to launch his artisanal luggage atelier in Florence in 1921, drawing from his experience as a porter at the Savoy. London, with its undeniable elegance and charm, cradled the inception of the now legendary fashion house.

Adding another layer to this immersive experience is Maria Luisa Frisa, a seasoned Italian fashion critic. Renowned for her keen eye and astute insights, she returns to curate the London chapter of Gucci Cosmos. Among her anticipated contributions is the inclusion of unprecedented items from the Gucci Archive, an extraordinary treasure trove unveiled in Florence just two years ago.

With plans to traverse Paris and Kyoto in 2024, Gucci Cosmos promises to mould its narrative to resonate with the unique cultural aura of each city, ensuring a bespoke experience for its global audience. This pursuit of deeply authentic storytelling is emblematic of Gucci’s ethos, as exemplified by its comprehensive exhibition at Gucci Garden in Florence last June. Housed in a 14th-century palazzo, the exhibition offers a chronological journey of the brand’s story across multiple levels, intertwined with showcases of signature motifs like the GG monogram and Flora pattern, and even a peek into Gucci’s presence in the metaverse.

The arrival of Gucci Cosmos in London unfolds during a pivotal time for the brand. As Creative director Sabato de Sarno prepares to reveal his inaugural collection in Milan on September 22nd, Marco Bizzarri, the current president and CEO, prepares to take his leave. Jean-François Palus, the Kering Group’s managing director, stands ready to take the reins, marking the beginning of a new era.

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