Gucci Cruise 2024

Gucci Cruise 2024

May 17, 2023

As the calendar pages flip towards June, the fashion world waits with bated breath for the arrival of Sabato de Sarno at the helm of Gucci. The Italian luxury House, renowned for its amalgamation of past and present with a futuristic vision, is poised to welcome de Sarno, who will unveil his inaugural collection at the upcoming Milan Fashion Week.

In the Fall/Winter 2023 line, Gucci demonstrated that the dawn of a fresh epoch was imminent. The collection, a brainchild of its in-house team, beautifully encapsulated the brand’s journey through time – a respectful nod to its heritage, a reflection on its current identity, and a visionary glimpse into its future.

As a prelude to de Sarno’s arrival, the Gucci team curated its final Cruise 2024 (Resort 2024) collection – a sartorial symphony staged amidst the regal backdrop of Seoul’s historic Gyeongbokgung Palace. This collection signaled the first stride into a new era, employing Gucci’s past personas to carve a fresh narrative for the brand.

The collection leaned heavily into a dystopian aesthetic, drawing inspiration from the glamorous era of Tom Ford and the ethereal influences of Alessandro Michele. A nod to the zeitgeist, sporty attire took center stage. Key highlights included skateboard cases that would not look out of place in a Virgil Abloh collection, high-gloss trousers, and boxy menswear silhouettes.

The addition of flight jackets steered Gucci into uncharted territories, featuring skirt designs adorned with exposed pockets and fiery red quilted underpinnings. The quintessential Gucci striped decor swayed from slip dresses, partnered with futuristic cuffed gloves.

The sporty collection was further amped up with billowing athletic wear boasting the iconic “GG” monogram, satin chest straps, and vibrant bomber jackets, skin-tight wetsuits, and hooded tees. The fashion house went full throttle, blending sporty and luxury with an array of chrome surfboards, neon-tinted visor glasses, and padded motorbike mitts.

In a harmonious contrast, Ford’s sleek Gucci lettering found its place amid zippers, while Michele’s elegant tweed suiting, accented by chain and pearl accessories, added a touch of classic elegance. Oversized suiting and shrunken velvet co-ords paid homage to Gucci’s traditional designs, accompanied by miniature chest bags, cushioned laptop cases, and hefty footwear.

Every stitch, every fabric choice is a testament to Gucci’s journey“, the creative team explained. “This collection is a love letter to our past and a promise to our future. As we pass the baton to Sabato de Sarno, we are confident that he will continue to honor Gucci’s heritage while carving out an exciting path for the brand“.

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